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smoothies for bath product review komplete kare-insta

Hey people, it has been quite some time since my last review. Shopping online; I came across this wonderful site called www.kompletekare.com. KompleteKare currently offers two range of products "Naturalium" and "Belcam".

          Naturalium varies in six different flavors, body lotions (370ml – INR 399), shampoos and conditioners (400ml – INR 399) and shower gels (500ml – INR 499). The company's USP is to offer products that meet the standards of the rich at affordable prices. This surely tempted me to try one of their products; I finally short listed on the kids range.

Calling; all parents who are tired of paying exorbitant prices for bath and body products. Komplete kare's Belcam range offers a variety of products for all ages. However it is the kid’s products that I am scooping in on today. Belcam products are essentially an amalgamation of body wash, bubble bath and shampoo. These ambrosial spas in a bottle come in 19 different flavors; I chose the "Groovy Grapes" and the "Coconut Delight" from the 4 kids products they carry, 500ml bottles costing rupees 599/- each . Both the fragrances reminded me of the yummy smoothies I devour for breakfasts. Apart from its frutilicious fragrance what truly attracted me to these products was:

smoothies for bath - chemical free

No sulphate (Sulphates are aggressive detergents that strip your scalp of all the essential oils).No parabens (Parabens give longitivity to the products, but these chemicals get absorbed by the skin disrupting your hormones, eventually cause various problems). No phthalates (Phthalates are endocrine disruptors, dibutyl and diethylhexyl are completely banned in the European Union). No propylene glycol (Safe in small quantities according to the FDA however, large quantities can aggravate allergies). No petroleum (imagine crazy oils seeping into your skin, and making a home forever!! These non- refined oils do not metabolize.). No artificial color (Most of the colors used in cosmetics are derived from coal tar, a byproduct of petroleum). No animal by-products(gives me an assurance no animals were hurt in the process). No 1,4-dioxane & formaldehyde (Toxic cancer causing ingredient). It is Biodegradable (Completely eco-friendly, causing no harm to the skin or the environment). Gluten free (Gluten is difficult to absorb and allergic).Soap free, vegan and hypoallergenic fragrance

Of course, it is difficult to find products that promise you a complete package like this, at all times. But, when we do find such products, there’s definitely no looking back. These 3 in 1 products cleansed well, leaving the skin tender and smooth. The hypoallergenic fragrance added a lingering fruity and a long lasting fresh feel to the skin. No burning or irritation in the eyes after washing the face. My son’s hair is dry and a little rough in texture, I really liked the fact that after washing his hair with belcam, his hair was more manageable and smoother than before.

Their products are not only affordable, but it also carries a conscience; a part of their revenue goes to an NGO – WORLD VISION.

          I am looking forward to trying their other products too, and would truly recommend moms to try these smoothie bottles on your children without any worries. So mommies; go ahead try these products and make them a part your child’s daily hygiene. I would love to hear your experiences with these products in the comment box below.

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